Salient Features

OrganizerMax has a lot of features which give it an edge over Finder, the native file manager for mac.

Salient Features of OrganizerMax, All new File Manager for Mac:

> Efficient File Management with file queues in the dashboard:

Let OrganizerMaX do the heavy lifting for you, as it presents any recently created and altered files for you in chunks and groups to tag, organize and move the files in folders quickly. Without hampering your regular work and helps you save a lot of time and the feeling of anxiety resulting from a lot of data piling up on desktop and downloads folders.

> Drag & Drop files to destination folders:

Users can easily drag & drop files to folders listed under frequently accessed folder list from the dashboard and quickly get done with the organizing routine with this all-new File Manager for Mac.

> Save time with File stacks in queues for bulk file operations:

OrganizerMax saves up a lot of time spent on arranging multiple file and folders by repetitive actions in case of multiple files. Having file stacks of similar and related files help accomplish more in a lot less time.

> Displays file in small chunks to avoid chaos:

All files needing attention are displayed in smaller pieces, to avoid giving out an overwhelming feeling to the user. The user can organize and clear the view in short chunks, instead of seeing a big dump of files which is usually the case with finder for mac.

> Tag Files and Folders for better file management:

Supports Tagging the files and folders for better organization and search retrieval.










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