Brilliant Finder Alternative Available for macOS X

A Brilliant File Manager for macOS and Best Yet Finder Alternative since Apple!

Better manage your files and folders with Tags and a brand new innovative user interface on Mac OS, It gets even better as it can also Auto Download Mail attachments and lets you manage all files from a single interface. SO, no more switching between apps to get the work done.

Innovative File Manager for Mac with a well thought all new User Interface with the simplicity of use in mind.

All new File Manager for Mac not only allows you to access your files quickly in just a few clicks. But allows full use of drag and drop, often missed by users to accomplish file movements. An advanced logic calculates and keeps a list of frequently accessed files and folders list, always ready for a quick interaction for you. This innovative File Manager App also comes power packed with an Automated advanced logic to keep track of New files and folders, which hasn't been tagged or organized and presents these for you in a neatly arranged dashboard. It reminds you of files needing your attention. So, it takes the stress off of you to remember which files and folders you just missed out to organize due to other pressing matters during your busy days.

We would say Mac's native File Manager, Finder is good. However, still misses out on multiple areas that could be improved and designed better. Let's take "Recent Files features" introduced in macOS by Apple; it does show a list; however, it is random and still presents a list of files in a haphazard manner, that adds to the feeling of anxiety for the user.

It would be much better if these files get listed in small batches. So, it would help a user to attend and work with the files without getting the feeling of stress and anxiety.

OrganizerMaX does just the opposite of finderm So makes for a Good Finder Alternative.

It presents the files in small batches and also will recognize and group similar files based on file type and time of creation. As usually, a user would apply the same action for a set of files. It helps with time-saving and avoids all the manual work needed if you were to accomplish the same task via finder in mac.

Statistics have shown, computer users prefer any user interface that requires a minimum number of clicks to perform a final action. That is what has been the driving force for us to rethink, design and develop a file manager for mac from the ground up, which Finder on mac has always lagged as it seems to be not on the forefront recently by Apple design teams.

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Perfect Finder Alternative for Mac, to make file management fun on your Mac.

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